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Why Pink Star Pilates?

* Improved posture


* Increased core strength, stability and mobility


* Stress reduction and increased sense of well-being (calmness)


* Perfect balance between strength and flexibility


* Injury prevention


* Improved coordination


What are the benefits of Pilates?

Frequently Asked Questions


* What do I wear?


It is entirely up to you but you should be comfortable so it is recommended to wear normal sportswear such as a tracksuit, leggings, t-shirt or a vest.  


Your clothing should not be too loose so that the teacher can observe muscular movement and give appropriate feedback.


* Will I lose weight with Pilates?


Although many clients have reported losing weight from their Pilates exercises, this is not its main purpose.  Pilates is, however, an ideal complement to a nutrition programme designed for weight loss.


* Can I practice Pilates if I am pregnant?


Pilates can be good exercise during pregnancy, helping to keep your body strong and supple and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, however specific training is required to teach a pregnant woman and this qualification is currently not held by Claire.


* Can I practice Pilates if I am injured?


If you are concerned about an injury please speak to a medical professional before attending a class.

What TO do & What NOT to do 


* What not to do:

Do not exercise If you are feeling unwell as it is counter-productive


Eating a big meal at least two hours before you attend a class is not advisable.  You will be using your abdominal muscles and these are less effective if you are digesting your meal.


Do not take pain killers prior to a class as they mask any warning pains


* What to do:

Aim to arrive at least five minutes before the start of the class and spend time relaxing before the session. This will enable us to achieve more.


If you are undergoing medical treatment or are taking any drugs you should consult your doctor before exercising


Turn off your mobile phone and use the time to relax the body and mind

to get the most from your session

Claire teaches mat-based Pilates exercises with occasional equipment use, designed to improve strength, posture, flexibility, mobility and mental clarity. Pilates was created in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, who said, “After ten sessions you’ll feel better, after twenty sessions you’ll look better and after thirty, you’ll have a whole new body!” Classes are kept to a maximum of 10 so that individual corrections can be given if necessary.

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